Westcor Land Title Insurance Company’s Investor Services Division Is Title Insurance Provider for Single Family Residential Portfolio Sale of 4,262 Homes for $652 Million

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company (Westcor) announced that on September 30 its Investor Services division acted as the title insurance provider for a single family residential platform sale of 4,262 single family rental properties for $652 million. Westcor’s Investor Services division was the lead on the transaction and partnered with one of its independent agents. “This is a historic transaction for both our Investor Services and Agency divisions. This collaboration represents Westcor’s commitment to being a leader in the marketplace, and doing so in partnership, not competition, with our agents,” said Mary O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer at Westcor.

Ryan Peterson, Executive Vice President of Westcor’s Investor Services division, said, “This transaction was significant for the Investor Services division as it allowed us to demonstrate our unique position in the marketplace. Westcor Investor Services is a highly specialized solutions provider to institutional clients, backed by the strength, resources, and the vast network of independent agents of a top five title insurance underwriter. We will continue to expand our products and services to meet the growing demands of the mortgage and real estate markets.”