Westcor Land Title Insurance Company’s Investor Services Division Is Title Insurance Provider for Single Family Residential Portfolio Sale of 1,957 Homes for $305 Million

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company (Westcor) announced that on November 29th its Investor Services Division acted as the title insurance provider for a single family residential platform sale of 1,957 single family rental properties for $305 million. Westcor’s Investor Services Division was the lead on the transaction and partnered with one of its independent agents.  This is the third transaction with these parties for 2017.   Across all three transactions 3,465 single family properties have been sold for $535 million.

Anthony Spangler, Senior Vice President of Westcor’s Investor Services Division, said, “This transaction continues to show Westcor’s presence in the marketplace and its scalability through partnerships with its agents. We expect to continue to grow our presence in this asset class throughout 2018.”

“These three transactions reiterate the Investor Services Division as a key player in the Single Family space and continues to show Westcor’s growth in multiple markets by its partnership with its agents” said Clint Casabella, Senior Vice President at Westcor.

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