Westcor Land Title Insurance Company Launches New Investor Services Division

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company today announced the launch of a new division within the company. The Investor Services division will deliver an end-to-end suite of products and services for institutional clients in the whole loan and single family rental markets. The division will be managed by Ryan Peterson, now EVP of Westcor Global, and Clinton Casabella, now SVP of Westcor Investor Services, both formerly of Avenue 365. Rich Barbezat and Amanda Davis will play key leadership roles in the division.

The new division draws on the substantial success and industry leadership of Avenue 365’s former business unit, and will now also benefit from Westcor’s resources, experience, and agent network as the nation’s fifth largest title insurance underwriter.

“Investor Services is a complimentary division for Westcor and its network of independent agents. This division is Westcor’s most recent effort to capture strategic growth opportunities to serve its customers, and we are so glad to be a part of that effort.” said, Ryan Peterson, Executive Vice President. “In addition to being a perfect cultural fit for our team, and providing incredible resources to ensure growth within the whole loan and SFR marketplaces, Westcor also provides us with the opportunity to work with a loyal base of title agents as we bring significant new business opportunities to the table.” Consistent with Westcor’s agent-centric philosophy, as the Investor Services team sources new opportunities to provide title insurance and settlement services, they will refer those opportunities to Westcor’s agents around the country.

“This new division will foster innovative products and resources for our customers.” said, Mary O’Donnell, President and CEO of Westcor Land Title Insurance Company. “This initiative will strengthen our platform to serve a more diverse constituency within the title insurance industry and bring added benefits to our valued title agents.”